Lawrence Hersbergerand Ela Raveling have each lived an international life of art and creating art. Artistically, personally and professionally, they function as one. Through this special inspirational bond, Masterpiece Artwork and Masterpiece Christmas were designed, created and developed. This unique and highly unusual artistic and personal connection is founded in kindness, love and art. Ela and Lawrence inspire each other daily and through deep communication, create concepts, art and ideas greater than their own individual styles. These two artists, when working in unison, create oil paintings that are unique to even their own artwork. It is as though a third person has created a breathtaking oil painting. As Lawrence and Ela are part of the same creation, both artists sign the finished piece.


ELA  RAVELING is an artist and a visionary. Her work and understanding of art, blend both traditional fundamentals and today’s technologies. Ela has extraordinary knowledge and skill in the fields of oil painting, light, people and photography. Ela’s deep knowledge and experience in the luxury special event field is imperative to the overall art project of both Masterpiece Artwork and Masterpiece Christmas. Once you meet Ela, she will impact your life in a soulful positive way. This is a powerful skill in bringing the emotion and personality of a client into the end artwork.

Ela has dedicated her life to advancing the lives of children worldwide. This has led to Masterpiece Artwork having a charitable art arm that helps those less fortunate.

When Ela met Lawrence, something beautiful happened and it has been happening ever since. It is the basis of their joint art. It is the joining together of two artists and two visionaries to create oil paintings that are not only unique, they are as though they are created by another person. This has fascinated Ela and led her to focus on this incredible evolutionary art journey.

Ela’s ultimate skill is her personality, sense of style and the ability to know people on a soulful level. Ela has an undeniable presence and energy. She is a true loving soul and is sincere in wanting to know each person she meets. She is a person of substance and to be trusted. Ultimately “this” one single character trait is what allows Ela to understand each client’s story.

Her skills are a great mixture of business knowledge and art creation. She is a humble person with high self-esteem. She is self-driven, fearless and determined. Her advanced art and photography skills and superior eye for seeing art in real life are irreplaceable elements when creating one-of-a-kind modern-day masterpieces.

Originating from Poland, Ms. Raveling’s passion stems from a family lineage of fine-art. Ela cultivated her talent throughout her schooling until graduating from the West Pomeranian School of Business. Fully prepared to take on the world, after college, she moved to Warsaw and began working for the European Press at R&K Media Group. Photographing high-fashion, supermodels, and runway shows took Ela to new heights and new destinations. She gained recognition amongst the beau monde and was soon organizing international fashion events.

Her curious and trendsetting character brought her to the United States of America. Ela worked in the studio and art world where she learned the American culture and the English language. Her unique style and the visual impact of her creations has made her one of the most sought-after artists in the portrait art world.

Ela is highly sought after for her extraordinary portrait skills. She has established a reputation as the ultimate in fine art and has been featured on the front covers and in editorial coverage of publications. With a passion for art, Ela dedicated her life to creating artwork and the telling her client’s personal life story through her art. She developed skills in multiple painting genres which quickly led to creating for publishing companies where she designed book covers for many renowned authors.  Ela believes we all have a soulful story to tell.

ELA RAVELING founder/ artist


LAWRENCE HERSBERGER is one of the most well-known and influential Christmas/Santa artists in the world today. His work is known and sought after world-wide, with clients commissioning his art for both home and commercial use. Mr. Hersberger has designed and created for clients in over fifty countries. He is a renaissance artist in the truest sense of the word and a pure creator of art.Lawrence’s passion to create, evolve and educate constantly has his life on the cutting edge of art and design.

Having extensively worked in oils in the early part of his art career, Lawrence understands the value and power of an oil painting. It was not until he met Ela Raveling that he began painting in oil again. With love and passion guiding him and a soulful partner in art, the journey of Masterpiece Artwork Inc. became clear. The combination of creative styles mixed with this mutual love of creating, has led to the best art of his life. For this he is forever indebted to Ela. “To be able to put my brush on a canvas with another artist is the greatest form of trust. The result has been extraordinary luxury art at its highest level.” Lawrence Hersberger

Mr. Hersberger is an internationally acclaimed and Licensed Artist, Storyteller, Writer, Designer and Master Photographer. LawrenceHersberger now lives and creates with Ela Raveling in Tampa, Florida. His intellectual base and accepting view of people and cultures allows for an ease of global client communication.

His knowledge, raw creative talent, unique vision, and style has led to a brand of art previously unknown in the art world. His art has been selected for the prestigious PPA IPC Loan Collection Book. Mr. Hersberger has earned his degree of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers Association of America and has been featured in their magazine as an honored cover artist.

With over 150 pieces of artwork now licensed, his brand Larry Hersberger, Art of Magic and Light® is established and has grown both nationally and internationally. He was born in Canada with the gift of being an artist. In his lifetime, Lawrence has created for clients in 51 countries and has lectured in 5 countries. In 2006 he moved to the USA to continue this art career.

He has written and created the book Santa’s Magical Gift® for the global marketplace and has been privately commissioned to write and create numerous unique children’s storybooks and art pieces worldwide. He is also the sole illustrator for his writings.

Mr. Hersberger is known as an innovator and educator in the global photographic art community and is followed by thousands worldwide. He has lectured on the topic of art and photography for professional organizations around the world. He has educated thousands of artists via his own private workshops, his online platform, and professional organizations. This has allowed Mr. Hersberger to reach an astounding global audience. He has been a panel adviser with SURTEX in NYC.

Mr. Hersberger is a true renaissance artist. His art skills are vast and are a collection of skills ranging from painting, sculpting, photography, graphic design, digital art, set design, poetry, and writing. This deep skillset combined with an unmistakable balance of creative and analytical thought defines his artwork. The result is soulful, breathtaking and unique. His theatrical and storytelling technique coupled with his wide skillset expands the boundaries of artistic creation.

While Mr. Hersberger is an artist through and through, he also loves the art of business and the business of producing art for a global audience. He has owned and operated his own business for over 35 years. There is nothing he enjoys more than creating a masterpiece from nothing but thought, knowledge, information, intellect, and creativity.

Touching a global audience with a joyous and or profound message through art has always been important to Lawrence.

LAWRENCE HERSBERGER  founder / artist

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