About The Masterpiece Art

The origin of our artwork begins with a series of original master photographs. After complex artistic rendering we bring together a combination of archival canvas, inks, polymers and finely ground professional grade oils.

Proir to the beginning of the oil painting our photographic art is transvered in inks to the canvas. After applying polymers, the oil painting begins. This is not a process of simply enhancing a picture with a few brush strokes or gels. It is the creation of a fully oil painted piece of art. Each piece takes several months from the begining to end. The drying time is about 6 months. The end result is a breathtaking original archival oil painting. 

Masterpiece Artwork is on a leading edge of art evolution. We are able to create artwork today that has never been produced in the history of mankind. A combination of new technologies, talent and old world art principles has allowed for the rise of this new art genre in oil. When designing a new artistic process one fundamental is of the utmost importance. The process must keep the final art piece archival. There is nothing more important to us than longevity, craftsmanship and quality.  Our work is design to last for centuries. We are thrilled to be a part of the evolution of art. We look forward to leaving your legacy in this timeless art. Every commission starts with a conversation.  Contact us to begin your own private art discovery and leave your legacy in art.