Creating is exhilarating! It is that magical time when something new comes to life. It can be anything from a new recipe in the kitchen to a new combination of brush strokes and paint viscosity. When creation happens, and you know it, not only does it work but it is something that can help so many other things going forward. Imagine finding a cure for cancer and knowing you could repeat it over and over. It suddenly takes over. It is magical. This is when you enter a zone of creation.

It happens in the “doing”…that magical time when you’re entire being smiles and your energy level rises. As this applies to painting, it is the time when you kind of step back from your hand and just watch as it just pours out of you. Like there each stroke is more than your mind and body could ever produce…but there it is…happening right in front of you and it is beautiful. There is nothing quite like being in “the zone” when you are painting or in the moment of any creation for that matter.