We create original oil paintings of people and places. Our mission and reason for being artists is to leave a legacy in oil of a person or place. We understand their importance and fully acknowledge how a legacy oil painting will positively affect future members of your family and/or company. It is our job to be accurate in telling its story.


Leaving a person’s legacy in oil is to tell that persons story. It is to hold them in time for generations. An oil painting will outlive the person in the painting. It will touch many other over hundreds of years. This is an oil painting which is very personal, depicting ones passions and/or mission in life. A legacy oil painting may also be a special memory of someone we loved and is no longer with us. So much goes into each Legacy Oil Painting.


The legacy of a place also freezes a moment in time. It tells the story of the effort, beauty or importance of the place or location. Imagine the time it takes to build and nurture a vineyard for example. Now go forward 300 years, it may be gone however the painting of this amazing place in all of its spender will live to tell it’s enduring tale.


A commissioned oil painting makes an accomplished and intellectual statement.

There is something about entering a room where an original oil painting resides. One finds the sense of mystery and a story that is about to unfold. There is a rich softness yet rugged raw value that one can feel. It is the soul of the painting. This soulful act of creation is what gives the painting a life of its own. This is the power of the commissioned oil painting.


When one chooses to commission an oil painting, they are choosing to have a creation done that is emotional, meaningful and timeless. An oil painting will generally, outlive its owner. This painting may even outlive many owners over its lifetime. An oil painting is a depiction from today and will share its story for centuries to come. So the time to commission an oil painting is today.


It may be of a person, family or scene. It may be an abstract. The commission is ultimately a deep personal request of the individual seeking the commission.


FAMILY OIL PAINTING Create a beautiful heirloom for your family. Oil paintings will have a positive impact and presence in your home and will leave your families legacy for generations to come.

CHILDREN OIL PAINTING Oil paintings of a child or children always hold a special place in a parents heart. Our little ones grow up so fast. An oil painting will stop a moment in time and preserve every loving detail. There is nothing more precious than thelittle toes, fingers and dimplesof ayoung child…then with a blink of an eye, everything changes and your child has grown up.

PAINTING OF A WOMAN Beauty is within every woman. We work with a professional beauty team and stylist to enhance your beauty. Showing future generations the dignity and elegance of a woman will inspire others with pride and self-esteem. Try to imagine having a painting in your home of your mother or grandmother. What that would meant to you and generations to come? Priceless.

PAINTING OF MEN Leaving a man’s legacy in oil is a statement to the life he has lived. Simply put, it is a testament to his life story. There are few things in life that could be more important and inspiring than an elegant oil painting of a man and his story.

EXECUTIVE OIL PAINTING This is a painting to inspire and record the achievements of a male or female CEO, manager or executive within a firm. There is no greater thank you or statement than an executive oil painting. If you are the owner of a company, an oil painting will cast your legacy in time. As your company lives on, your oil painting will remain as a standard of excellence and inspiration for all to see and follow.

GENERATION OIL PAINTING It is of the utmost importance to capture generations in an oil painting. When three generations of the same family meet each other it is only for a short period of time. Preserve this special time in oil. Future generations will be happy you made this choice.

OIL PAINTING OF AN ANIMAL Horses, cats, dogs or other family animals sometimes become more than a pet, they actually become a family member. We love them as well and we feel this special bond when creating oil paintings of animals. A beautiful oil painting of the animal in your family will bring you joy every time you glance at the art.

OIL PAINTING OF YOUR PASSION Masterpiece oil painting which honors your passion. Is it music, children, charity, art, achievements or something else. We all have that special thing or person that we are passionate about in life.

LUXURY OIL PAINTING An oil painting celebrating a lifetime of excellence and accomplishment.

GENESIS OIL PAINTING Oil painting featuring your surroundings, beliefs and/or locations.You might have a “happy-place” that you absolutely love. How wonderful would it be to see it everyday. With nostalgia oil painting we often go to abstract. Something magical that excised only in clients head we bring to life

NOSTALGIA OIL PAINTING Masterpiece oil paintingwith your childhood memories or themes from the heart.

FANTASY OIL PAINTING Fantacy oil painting we often go to abstract. Something magical that excised only in clients head we bring to life


Contact us directly. Every Masterpiece starts with a conversation. We want to learn and connect with each client prior to this artistic and compelling journey of creation.  At Masterpiece Artwork we believe in holding a private art discovery with each client. You may come to us or Lawrence and Ela will travel the globe to learn your story.

How would you like to leave your legacy in art?


As we specialize in creating Legacy Oil Paintings and know our artwork must last for centuries, there really is nothing more important than quality, longevity and craftsmanship.

In this fast paced world of inexpensive, throwaway products, we have instead chosen to create with time honored principles that produce quality and craftsmanship. Creating a client’s legacy in oil is a serious matter and we understand that for each oil painting to withstand the test of time, it must be created with the utmost in quality materials. There is no paint that has a longer lifespan than professional grade oil paints. And weuse only the best.

We use classical oil paints and traditional archival methods. We believe in the importance of creating artwork and oil paintings that will last for centuries. There is nothing “fast” about choosing to use oil paints, however this choice coupled with archival methods produce the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Oil paints may take months to dry, however they produce the ultimate surface and spectacular colors that, when protected from UV lights, give a colorfast quality second to none.

The creation of your oil painting is a combination of understanding the art and science of the complete process. One cannot create an archival piece or artwork without the knowledge of both. It is creative and analytical thought at its finest.

Holbein oil color is a world-class Artist Oil Color range that utilizes the purest of available pigments and is manufactured to the highest standards of quality control in the industry. Holbein Artist Oil is smooth, highly pigmented and the color range incorporates both traditional colors and modern pigments. All colors are ground 10 times in order to achieve a uniform viscosity across the entire palette of 167 colors.A finished work should not be varnished for 6 to 8 months depending on the climate.



When creating each Masterpiece artwork, we wear proper skin tight safety gloves and each luxury oil painting is painted in a well-ventilated space. We use real oils for we know each finished piece must be archival to stand the test of hundreds of years. There are small hazards when using these products and we regard them seriously. Fortunately, Holbein has created a revolutionary oil paint that is water soluble. Yes, it is still 100% oil and yes, it is still archival while helping the environment during the creating of each breathtaking portrait oil painting.


Prior to the beginning of each oil painting our photographic art is transferred in inks tocanvas. We use a unique process to achieve exquisite results. After applying archival polymers, the oil painting begins. Each piece takes several months from the beginning to end of the painting process. Once completed, this fully archival oil painting will then sit for 6 to 8 months prior to its final varnish. Please allow up to one year for the delivery of your framed oil painting. It will be well worth the wait and generations will be happy you choose a legacy portrait in traditional oils. 

You have the option of receiving the oil painting once dry to touch, where it can finish it’s drying while hanging in your home. Once fully dry we can then bring your original oil painting back to our facility for its final varnish.

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