Sometimes two people meet and inspire each other in all things? This is the relationship between Lawrence and Ela.
Their foundation is kindness and is ever-present. They live and create in a Godly way…with love and kindness at the forefront of every step. This kindness and love is shared with every person they meet. Ela and Lawrence ground each other and when interacting with others you will feel their humble and genuine nature.  

As an artist, Ela is not only an inspiration, she Lawrence’s soulmate. They both feel art at an intellectual level. Ela and Lawrence feel the heart and soul of Masters past. They both have a deep appreciation for the arts…all arts. As artists, Lawrence and Ela inspire each other to fearless heights previously unseen in the art world. They challenge each other to think, feel, see and explore art and people. Their thoughts are real, honest and pure. They care about their actions and interactions with others and have a profound appreciation for the families for whom they create art. They understand the power of how art impacts generations.

Ela is a sacred soul to those who meet her. She shares love with every person she meets. Making others happy and communicating from their hearts is important to both Ela and Lawrence. The purity of this energy is a foundation in their lives. Lawrence is a true creator and renaissance artist. He lives to love life, people and creates from a place deep in within his heart and soul…his is truly a storyteller. Ela is his inspiration and key that opens the creative door to access deeper levels of creativity.