The first step is to call us. We can then discuss an effective date and time for your private consultation. This can done in person or over the phone.


This is a meeting done in person or over the phone. We will discuss ideas, wants, needs and pricing. Once we have determined a path to move forward with your oil painting we will provide you with our Terms of Agreement Contract. Once signed we will require a 60% retainer to begin your Legacy in Art.


Once commissioned Lawrence and Ela will have an exclusive Art Discovery Meeting with you, the client. This is an intimate meeting of the minds to discover your story to be told in your Legacy Oil Painting. We highly recommend this meeting to be in person, however we understand circumstance and time constraints. This meeting may then be scheduled as an over the phone or video meeting. As your artists, it is important that we learn about each other to form a connection and relationship. There is a story to be told.


We do not require that you sit for weeks posing during the creation of your oil painting. As a master of photography and set design, we will create a highly skilled photograph to use to create your oil painting. Your time commitment on the Art Production day will be efficient and as non-intrusive as possible to your schedule. The location for the Art Production will be discussed and determined during the Art Discovery meeting. We will travel to global destinations.

Beauty. On the Art Production day, our beauty team will dedicate themselves to a benchmark level of luxurious beauty. Through professional consultation, the team will discover your style, needs and comfort levels. Beauty application required for artwork has unique specifications. With that in mind, the team can complete the beauty process by themselves or are prepared to work with your team upon request.

Styling you and your surroundings is a key component to overall gestalt. We will walk you through choosing your clothing. We provide an option to add a professional stylist to work with you in advance of the Art Production day. They may also be used as a personal shopper and be in charge of every style detail the day of your session.

Lighting Director. The harmony of light is one of the most powerful facets of any art piece. The director of lighting will supervise every aspect of the effects of light as it pertains to the quality and depth of the finished piece. At this stage, exquisite lighting willmake a powerful impact on the caliber of the finished oil painting. Few things are more important in art, as light affects the harmony of color, tone, shape, texture, and storytelling.


After thorough communicationand review of all photography, the creation of your Legacy Oil Painting will begin. At our studio, the canvas will be stretched and prepared. Over the next number of months, Ela and Lawrence will bring your masterpiece oil painting to life.

Every aspect of the creation of your piece will adhere to archival fundamentals.
This unique process developed solely by Ela and Lawrence transcends the boundaries of traditional art while embracing old master’s fundamentals. The end art piece is a joint vision of these two extraordinary artists and will be signed by both artists.


Final Payment. Your Legacy Oil Painting is now complete and at this time we will require final payment.

Frame. We professionally assist you in frame selection. The frame is a very important part of your finished artwork. Ela and Lawrence will discuss with you the details regarding the final location of your art. Understanding these specifics will help in the selection of the perfect frame.

The craftsmanship involved in the marriage of the frame to the painting is critical. Every archival detail will be adhered to without exception.The selection of the frame is a powerful event as there is much to be learned about the frame’s history and creation. This knowledge will have a profound impact on the piece. While being paramount to the overall look of the art, the frame will also add to its value and story.

Your piece will also feature a gold leaf rear cover. The frame will be accompanied by an engraved plaque featuring the name of the piece, the client and the artist.


Your Legacy Oil Painting will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and written provenance.


Once the fitting is complete and the piece has been signed off by Lawrence and Ela it will be turned over to our dedicated Shipping Coordinator. They will be exclusively in charge of professionallycrating, documenting, and shipping your piece.You can feel confident that your artwork will be fully insured, safely delivered.

There is an option for Ela and Lawrence toaccompany the finished and crated oil painting to your home ensure and supervise professional white glove installation.


Our team of seasoned special event professionals can provide you with the option of a world class Reveal Gala event. After all that has gone into the creation of your stunning Legacy Oil Painting, we feel it should be unveiled to the world with the class and dignity it deserves. We have many options here and can make your Reveal Gala as big or small as you desire.

Through expert design we provide you with the ultimate option to tell your story in all of the arts. This profound reveal event will impact not only your guest is it designed to affect future generations. This is more than a party or a gala, it is designed to be “part” of your legacy. Each aspect of the evening will be dedicated to your life and it will be depicted through multiple art genres.

Imagine celebrity singers performing at your Reveal Gala. Imaging the song was privately written for you and you have the option of owning the copyright to the music. Visualizea celebrity chef preparing the dinner for your guests. Picture being surrounded by extravagant  décor that will make your guests gasp in delight and amazement

We also offer an option to create a documentary about you, your life and your art. Now imaginethe voice over for your documentary being doneby your favorite actor. Now close your eyes and see the lights going down at the end of the documentary…a spot light slowly reveals your favorite actor, the narrator as he or she begins to read poetry written for your painting.

Try to imagine your grandchildren, relatives, special guests and friends watching your legacy documentary and viewing your revealed LegacyOil Painting. They will feel like you were present in their life. It will impact the generation long after you are gone. Imagine if your grandfather was to commission us to make his Legacy in Art and now you have a privilege of watching his documentary at his reveal gala, while viewing his Legacy Oil Painting. Just imagine….

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