In this fast paced world quality is sometimes sacrificed for speed. In the painted portrait world there is nothing more important that archival characteristics, quality and craftsmanship. This is one of the fundemental reasons we choose oil. It may take longer to use and dry, however once completed it will last the test of time.
There is a value in an oil painting. The rich color that oil painting provides is paramount to an oil painting. To be exquisite, we must use the products that produce the very high caliber artwork.
For centuries there has been a mystique attached to oil portraits. It is as though they come alive. They are part of art history and are handed down through generations.
To have an original oil painting makes a statement. It says you have something to share and that your life has value to future generations.
An oil painting certainly does leave a legacy for hundreds of years. It is a inspirational reminder to all who follow.
This is a moment in time and history. It will keep the memory and spirit of a loved one living within a family for generations. 
Selfless Act
It is for the above reasons that a portrait hold a sincere value and is a selfless act. To continue to inspire others simply by the power and presense of an portrait oil painting is a act of paying it forward.