Commissioning an oil portrait is a selfless act that will share your story and embrace generations to come. We want to create your legacy in art. Masterpiece Artwork Inc. provides the ultimate commissioned luxury art and experience, resulting in the creation of a one of a kind painted masterpiece oil painting. We will tell your story and leave your legacy in art. Each piece is exclusive home décor in oil. Original oil paintings are not only beautiful, they bring an amazing energy to a room and home.


We offer traditional family oil paintings, oil paintings of children and of course oil paintings of grandchildren, as this is the perfect gift to last a lifetime and more. These are family heirloom oil paintings.

We offer elegant, oil paintings of women, oil paintings of men, executive oil paintings, oil paintings in memory of loved ones and legacy oil paintings. We love animals and create oil paintings of dogs, oil paintings of cats and oil paintings of horses.

We specialize in traditional oil paintings, formal oil paintings and locational scenic oil paintings. Ultimately, we are passionate about custom creations. This passion always leads us to tell someone’s story and style in art. A commission may also be a contemporary oil painting with a clean nontraditional feel. We welcome each clients style choice, as we are here to “your” story. As storytellers we like to see an oil painting of a child or adult come to life.

All Masterpiece Artwork private art commissions result in a luxury oil painting that will take your breath away. You will receive a 100% hand painted oil on canvas with elegant frame. Each original oil painting will be archival and come with certificate of authenticity and provenance.


We are a global company. We accept commissioned oil paintings in USA and commissioned oil paintings in Europe.

As we are located in Tampa, we do many commissioned oil paintings in Florida. We enjoy traveling to our clients. One month we may be meeting a client regarding a commissioned oil painting in Washington, DC and then next month we many be meeting a client regarding a commissioned oil painting in London England. Commissioned oil paintings in New York are always special. And going to the top USA wine region to do a commissioned oil painting in California is magical. Of course, one of our favorite locations is to meet with clients regarding a commissioned oil painting in Italy.

Our style is elegant and realistic which is synonymous with hand painted oil paintings for royalty. Royalty oil paintings become part of art history.


The price of a commissioned oil painting is quoted on an individual basis. Contact us to begin your journey in commissioned art.

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